ERFcheck: Global Reconciliation Platform

ERFcheck is a technological solution that facilitates financial control and regulatory reporting.

The platform is specialized in complex reconciliations. ERFcheck permits to automate reconciliations for all types of assets and business. Through ERFcheck, it is possible to process all types of transactions from multiple information systems, as well to dispose them for their management in one single platform, which is scalable and configurable.

ERFcheck combines business intelligence and processing rules to work with large volumes of information. In this way, our powerful platform helps Management Control Departments in the early detection of inconsistencies, exceptions and deficiencies while comparing the operations.

This comparison is made in an automatic way, always controlling the transaction life cycle. The result is a reduction of the number of exceptions, the resolution time and the associated management cost.

ERFcheck standarizes all reconciliation processes proactively, mitigating operational and regulatory risk and always offering customers transparency and visibility.