RiskMS stands out for its quality of service, innovation and reputation. Therefore, being aware of the responsibility we have as creators of welfare in our position, the company has derived part of its resources for the benefit of society.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is based on five principles that RiskMS stands for:


RiskMS has created a transversal network of volunteers, allowing employees to collaborate in social activities through Non-Governmental Organizations.

Because of this initiative, the agreement with the Mensajeros de la Paz Foundation begins. RiskMS makes an economic donation that allows it to pay for dining expenses. In addition, employees can voluntarily devote part of their working day to collaborate in the kitchens, the food bank or the wardrobe of the Foundation.

Also, the old furniture and technological material, that is no longer used, are analyzed for other causes. In case they have a “second life”, they are offered in a disinterested way to organizations and foundations that may need it.


RiskMS is a young and dynamic company, committed to the professional development of its employees and the entry of new workers into the labor market.

To attract specialized talent, we have signed collaboration agreements with different universities and study centers to offer our training and internship programs, all of which are remunerated.

alianza para la FP Dual

RiskMS is a member of the FP Dual Alliance, a network of companies, educational centers and institutions committed to improving the employability of young people through the development of quality Dual Vocational Training. In this way, RiskMS intends to contribute with the reduction of the youth unemployment in Spain, and specifically in the Community of Madrid, RiskMS offers vacancies so that students can obtain a first work experience in line with the studies carried out.

In the same way, the Human Resources area has launched a plan for all the employees that allow them to build a professional career inside the company. This career plan includes training plans, internal promotion opportunities, an annual development interview and a continuous assessment plan.


RiskMS is committed to the health and well-being of its employees. As an organization, we comply with the regulations for the prevention of occupational risks, providing our staff with the best conditions to carry out their work.

But, in addition, RiskMS organizes a teambuilding activity every year to improve skills such as collaboration and teamwork, promoting physical activity. It also offers to all the employees a cafeteria service based on healthy food.


RiskMS gives great importance to the issue of sustainability as we are aware that our daily activity has an impact on the environment.

Therefore, we have developed an ecological policy that emphasizes attitudes that respect the environment: restrictions on printing, optimization of paper and materials available to the company, recycling policy and separation of waste, etc.

Likewise, at RiskMS we have launched the “Collaborative Library” initiative, which was inaugurated on April 23 on the World Book Day.

Employees lend the books they have already read to their co-workers. This initiative helps to improve the good habit of reading, besides helping to reuse books.


RiskMS is the first Spanish Reg Retch in the world. We combine Technology and Regulation and we are accredited by the Spanish Association of Fintech and Insurtech (AEFI).

From RiskMS, we provide our technological solutions and our knowledge in Compliance to fight against the activities of money laundering and the financing of terrorism in their respective businesses.

In this sense, RiskMS is the exclusive developer and marketer of AMLcheck, a software designed to help companies in the prevention of activities related to money laundering and terrorist financing. This solution allows companies to check people and assets that have or could have a commercial relationship with them, as well as establishing risk profiles and control scenarios that alert early suspicious activities of constituting a financial crime.

RiskMS offers a 360º service with its partner, Compliofficer, a Corporate Compliance firm specialized in helping companies in consulting, BPO and training in the areas of Compliance, with special emphasis on the prevention of money laundering and financing of the terrorism.

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